Southfield College was founded as Loreto College in Southfield, Darjeeling in August 1961 as a women’s college. At the request of the Government of West Bengal, the Irish Branch of the Institute of The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Darjeeling Loreto Educational Society agreed to take care of its management. However, due to the lack of personnel, the Loreto Nuns were compelled to hand over the College to the Government of West Bengal, hence to be run as Southfield College.

In keeping with its tradition, Southfield College aims to provide a holistic development of women, encouraging growth to exercise “responsible” freedom, reverence for human personality and appreciation of true values. Thus with this view, the logo “Enlightenment, Empowerment and Emancipation through Education” has been envisaged.

The flying dove with the mountain peaks on either wing symbolizing the region (hills) signifies emancipation, empowerment through appreciation of true values so that each student can stand as tall as peaks in their contribution to the society.

The shamrock carried by the dove is a mark of gratitude to a very respected Irish nun, Rev. Mother Damien O’Donohoe, IBVM, whose dreams and vision shall always remain a guiding factor in the development and evolution of the College.

The brightly lit sun signifies the enlightenment of both staff and students.

The open book signifies the academic excellence that the college strives for. The holistic development, being the visions, the college aims to achieve enlightenment, empowerment, and emancipation.

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