Education imparts a woman lessons not just for school or college, but for the entire course of her life. It provides the foundation for a young woman who, as a citizen of tomorrow, will have to face innumerable trials and tribulations, as well as balance the multiple roles of daughter, sister, friend, wife and eventually mother. Education is the means by which a woman can liberate herself from the fetters of stereotype, oppression and subjugation. It is the means to a better and a brighter future, a life which her predecessors perhaps could not have had access to. It is a privilege and a necessity especially in this day and age where every moment is a struggle.

As is the Vision of the College, we at Southfield  impart value based education to our students to bring about their holistic development and to empower them so that they can contribute to the development of the Society.

The college, established by Dr. Bidhan Chandra  Roy  in 1961 for the upliftment of the women of the Hills, for more than sixty years has served as a platform in giving flight to the dreams and aspirations of many young, hopeful women.

 The college  over the years has faced many difficulties. The first administrators were the Irish nuns  and the former name of the college was Loreto College. However, due to lack of personnel the nuns handed back the college to the Government in 2008. It was a great challenge for the Lay- Administrators  to pick up the strings and establish the new   identity of ‘Southfield College’. Since then, the college has marched ahead and  has fulfilled the objectives of the Mission and Vision of the college.

We, at Southfield College consider ourselves  a  big   family where our main endeavour is to lead our students towards academic excellence and to  teach them the ideals of love, sincerity and service.  Along the road, we have faced many challenges but  due to the unity and bond of Southfield family we have been able to overcome all adversities..

In 2016 the college was accredited with ‘A’ Grade by NAAC. This has heightened our enthusiasm to move ahead with more vigour. It was a  testimony that we were  following the right path towards the upliftment of our students.

With the implementation of New Education Policy (NEP) from the session 2023-24, new challenges are being foreseen. However, we truly believe that with the cooperation of the family, we will be able to surge forward.

We still have a long way to go, but we all are confident that we will continue marching ahead with our Vision and Mission as a guiding light. Our future goal is to make Southfield College Darjeeling an institution of recognition.

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