First Semester Departmental Virtual Orientation Programme

First Semester Departmental Virtual Orientation  Programme will be conducted and  Online classes will start according to following schedule. Departmental Orientation  Programme will be coordinated by Heads of Departments.

Student Attendance is compulsory.

Orientation Programme for Honours Students: 2nd Oct 2020,  Time:11 am

Orientation Programme for Program Course Students: 6th Oct 2020,  Time : 11 am

Starting of  Honours Classes:  5th Oct 2020

Starting of Program Course Classes:  8th Oct 2020

General Orientation for College Rules and Activities (Library, Office, Career Oriented Programmes, NSS, Clubs, Remedial Classes, Entry into Service, NCC) : 14th Oct 2020 (Time will be Intimated  later)

Southfield College,